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Last updated November 2016. Email me for copies of any paper listed below.

Journal Papers:

  • G. J. Ross - Bayesian Estimation of the ETAS Model for Earthquake Occurrences, under review
  • G. J. Ross - Tracking the Evolution of Literary Style Via Dirichlet-Multinoimal Change Point Regression, under review
  • J. Pitkin, G. J. Ross, I. Manolopoulou - Dirichlet Process Mixture of Order Statistic Sequences With Applications to Retail Analytics, under review
  • K. Stavrianki, G. J. Ross, P. Sammonds - Are Earthquake Magnitudes Correlated? Study Cases in California, under review
  • A. Tsiolou, C. Galasso, G. J. Ross, F. Zareian - Engineering Proxies, Statistical Hypothesis Testing and Information Theory Measures for the Validation of Ground Motion Simulations, under review
  • G. J. Ross - Time Dynamics of Heavy-Tailed Risk in Financial Markets, under review
  • G. J. Ross - Bayesian Process Control via Sequential Monte Carlo Sampling, under review
  • G. J. Ross , T. Jones - Understanding Heavy Tailed Dynamics in Human Behavior, Physical Review E, 2015
  • G. J. Ross - Dynamic Multifactor Clustering of Financial Networks, Physical Review E, 2014
  • G. J. Ross - Sequential Change Detection in the Presence of Unknown Parameters, Statistics and Computing, 2014
  • G. J. Ross - Modelling Financial Volatility in the Presence of Abrupt Changes, Physica A - Statistical Mechanics and Applications, 2013
  • G. J. Ross, D. K. Tasoulis, N. M. Adams - Sequential Monitoring of a Bernoulli Sequence when the Pre-change Parameter is Unknown, Computational Statistics, 2013
  • G. J. Ross, N. M. Adams - Two Nonparametric Control Charts for Detecting Arbitrary Distribution Changes, Journal of Quality Technology, 2012
  • G. J. Ross, D. K. Tasoulis, N. M. Adams, D. J. Hand - Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Charts for Detecting Concept Drift, Pattern Recognition Letters, 2012
  • G. J. Ross, D. K. Tasoulis, N. M. Adams - Nonparametric Monitoring of Data Streams for Changes in Location and Scale, Technometrics, 2011

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings:

  • E. Mariconti, J. Onaolapo, G. J. Ross, G. Stringhini - A Methodology To Assess Malware Causality In Network Activities, under review
  • E. Mariconti, L. Onwuzurike, P. Andriotis, E. De Cristofari, G. J. Ross, G. Stringhini - MaMaDroid: Detecting Android Malware by Building Markov Chains of Behavioral Models, NDSS, 2017
  • E. Mariconti, J. Onaolapo, G. J. Ross, G. Stringhini - What’s Your Major Threat? On the Differences Between the Network Behavior of Targeted and Commodity Malware, AReS, 2016
  • A. Pyrgelis, E De Cristofaro, G. J. Ross - Privacy-Friendly Mobility Analytics using Aggregate Location Data, ACM SIGSPATIAL, 2016
  • G. J. Ross, D. K. Tasoulis, N. M. Adams, D. J. Hand - Online Annotation and Prediction for Regime Switching Data Streams, Proceedings of the 24th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 2009
  • D. K. Tasoulis, G. J. Ross, N. M. Adams - Visualising the Cluster Structure of Data Streams, Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis VII, 2007